Happy Holidays!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8de1pwXzSLQ&feature=youtu.be 202Oh, what a year it’s been! This holiday season, Reno Green Landscaping is supporting our community members on the front-lines of the pandemic. We will match monetary donations to purchase meals for first responders at Renown hospitals. Please join us in making the holidays a bit brighter for those who have put … Read more

Cottage Garden – Garden Style Series

Garden Style Series: Cottage Garden The English cottage garden is something you don’t often see in the northern Nevada area. Part of the reason for this is because of our arid climate. Cottage style gardens come from England where they receive much more precipitation than we do and don’t require extensive irrigation systems to keep … Read more

Xeriscape – Garden Style Series

Garden Style Blog Series: Xeriscape The term xeriscape comes from the Greek word “xeros,” which means dry. Xeriscaping is characterized by low water use plants, desert-style landscaping materials, and sustainable landscape practices. It’s growing in popularity in regions where water resources are scarce, or drought is frequently present. Xeriscaping Landscape Style Xeriscaping is more than … Read more

Japanese Zen Garden – Garden Style Series

Garden Style Series: Japanese Zen Garden Zen gardening began when Buddhism moved into Japanese culture during the 14th and 15th centuries. These gardens were originally made as special gardens at monasteries for monks to clear their minds and practice meditation. Flat gardens were some of the first Japanese Zen gardens. They were used to calm … Read more

Modern Landscaping – Garden Style Series

Garden Style Series: Modern Landscaping Modern landscaping style is marked by dramatic contrast, geometric shapes and symmetric design. Originally, modern landscaping was created as a juxtaposition to traditional landscapes that evoked the urge to garden and maintain. A modern landscape was designed for relaxing and enjoying nature, without the nagging need to take care of … Read more

Hansjorg Leuener’s Reno Green Legacy

Thank you, Hansjorg for 41 Years at Reno Green Landscaping! Hans has been with Reno Green Landscaping since 1979, four years after the business started in 1975. Reno Green wouldn’t be the company it is today with an amazing, flavorful, kerchief wearing man like Hans. He brings a special expertise that only time, dedication and … Read more

A Landscape Installation & A Life-Changing Gift

For many of us, accessibility is not usually at the forefront of our minds, though for those injured serving our country, accessibility is a constant concern. This is true for SPC Daniel Tingle, a local Minden resident who served in the United States Army. SPC Tingle was stationed in Iraq in 2007 when he was … Read more

Your Luxury Resort-Style Backyard

Resorts utilize landscape elements to create outdoor spaces that ooze luxury and promote relaxation. Some of key elements of a luxury resort-style backyard are bringing the indoors outdoor and establishing an outdoor space that can be enjoyed day or night. To create your dream luxury landscape, we’ve come up with our favorite resort-style landscape elements … Read more

Backyard Ideas for 2020 Woes

As 2020 continues and the pandemic is still an ever-present deterrent of gatherings and events, it’s becoming more and more real that we will be enjoying our summer in our own backyards. Though many of us feel cooped up, being at home also gives us a chance to enjoy our outdoor spaces. We’ve come up … Read more

Gardening with Kids During COVID

The lock down has taken a lot of our daily routine from us, so why not spend some much needed time outdoors gardening with kids during COVID?  Spring flowers are in full bloom, pollinators are buzzing around, and the sun is shining. Now is the time to enjoy the outdoors before our summer heats sink … Read more