Reno Green Landscaping is dedicated to water conservation. Our goal is to provide the highest quality service by using the most advanced technology to create irrigation solutions that conserve substantial amounts of water and provide savings for our clients. A beautiful landscape doesn’t mean using a lot of water. Water conservation is one way we help our clients not only save money but to also be more environmentally responsible.

Water Management


At Reno Green, we strive to make every drop of water count while ensuring your landscaping remains healthy and lush. Our Irrigation Specialists are on the forefront of the latest in irrigation technology and consistently explore and test new water-saving solutions.

Our Qualified Water Efficient Landscaper (QWEL) certified professionals are trained in irrigation water audits and sustainable landscape principles. During an irrigation water audit, our Irrigation Specialist will perform a detailed review of a sprinkler system, including tests to determine overall system efficiency, identify problems areas that need correction, and determine an ideal watering schedule. An irrigation water audit will provide insight into a system’s inefficiencies, which our Irrigation Specialists can correct to save our clients 30%-50% of their landscape water use.

Since removing turf isn’t always an option or a desired aesthetic for our clients, we offer this service to help reduce water waste on the landscape without removing desired plant material.

Irrigation System


Our Irrigation Specialists can upgrade and redesign older irrigation systems due to recent advances in irrigation technology. A well-designed irrigation system will help your property look its very best. We keep plant material and lawn healthy while saving money and reducing water waste.

Commercial Innovative Irrigation Systems


Matched Precipitation Rate Sprinklers (MP Rotators) involve a multi-trajectory rotating stream delivery system that allows water to gently soak into the soil with an even distribution, reducing run-off. This results in a 30% reduction in water usage when compared to traditional sprays. Reno Green Landscaping also offers ET (Evapotranspiration) or Weather-Based Irrigation Clocks which use sensors and weather information to economically manage watering times and frequency. These ET Clocks provide significant water savings (approximately 15% to 30%), deeper root systems and a healthier landscape.

Turf Grass Pic 1


In some applications, clients are opting to remove lawn and replace with xeriscaping. Xeriscaping involves incorporating landscaping and gardening principles that use drought-tolerant plants and efficient drip irrigation systems. When compared to a traditional landscape of similar size, an environmentally friendly xeriscape will typically use 50%-75% less water. Xeriscaping doesn’t have to look sterile and barren; it can feature colorful plant palettes combined with varying textures and year-round interest.

Artificial turf is also a viable option for clients who want the look of grass, but don’t want the continual maintenance (mowing, irrigation repairs, aerating, fertilizing) or water usage. Today’s artificial turf products give the look and feel of real turf, including a realistic “fresh cut” appearance.


  • Irrigation design and installation
    (sprinkler and drip systems)
  • Smart Controller installation
  • Backflow installation
  • Irrigation system retrofits
  • Irrigation system repairs and maintenance
  • System winterization and activation
  • Certified water audits
  • Water feature maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Water schedule management
  • Soil Polymer applications

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