Creating a Medicinal Herb Garden

For centuries people have used plants for medicinal uses to treat common ailments such as the common cold, flu, minor cuts and infections, anxiety, digestive issues, immune system issues, blood pressure regulation, and more. Many of these plants are commonly found in the garden, such as yarrow, mint, echinacea and lemon balm. If you have … Read more

Backyard Ideas for 2020 Woes

As 2020 continues and the pandemic is still an ever-present deterrent of gatherings and events, it’s becoming more and more real that we will be enjoying our summer in our own backyards. Though many of us feel cooped up, being at home also gives us a chance to enjoy our outdoor spaces. We’ve come up … Read more

Gardening with Kids During COVID

The lock down has taken a lot of our daily routine from us, so why not spend some much needed time outdoors gardening with kids during COVID?  Spring flowers are in full bloom, pollinators are buzzing around, and the sun is shining. Now is the time to enjoy the outdoors before our summer heats sink … Read more

New Year’s Resolutions for Landscapers

Can you believe it’s already a new year?  Not only that, we are about to enter a new decade!  It is amazing how quickly the years fly by.  The beginning of a new year can signify a time for a fresh start and to brainstorm on goals and aspirations for the year ahead.  What are … Read more