A Seasonal Checklist for Landscaping

Seasonal Landscape Maintenance Checklist Seasonal landscape maintenance tasks are extremely critical in keeping your landscape healthy and beautiful. Landscapers have their mental checklist, prune this during spring, turn that off during fall, and so on. Each season we have our to-do list that we follow to make sure our properties are looking great all year … Read more

How to Pot Plants in Containers

How to Pot Plants in Containers – A step-by-step guide From houseplants to outdoor pots, there are many misconceptions about how to correctly pot plants in containers. We will give you a step by step guide to how to pot plants in containers based on horticultural science. Potting Step 1: Choosing the best plant The … Read more

Commercial Landscape Transparency

Choosing a Landscape Provider for Your Commercial Property: Transparency Commercial landscape transparency is extremely important for every property manager. When choosing a landscape provider for your commercial property, you want a company you can trust. As a property manager, you may not be onsite to track when the maintenance company services the property or what … Read more

Commercial Landscaping Training and Affiliation

Choosing a Landscape Provider for Your Commercial Property: Training and Affiliation Commercial landscaping training and affiliation are two important considerations to make when selecting a landscape provider. Selecting a landscape provider is important for every commercial property owner because landscapers ensure your property is looking its best. They enhance your property’s value and improve curb … Read more

Full-Service Commercial Landscaping

Choosing a Landscape Provider for Your Commercial Property: Mow, Blow and Go vs. Full-Service Landscaping It can be challenging to choose a landscape provider to maintain your commercial property, though when you know what to look for and are armed with knowledge of the industry, you can whittle down your list and make an informed … Read more

Choosing a Landscape Provider

Choosing a Landscape Provider for Your Commercial Property: The Ultimate Guide So, you are trying to choose a landscape provider for your commercial property? Whether you have years of experience in the commercial landscape industry or just started, choosing a landscape provider that’s right for you can be a challenge. There are many landscape companies … Read more

April is National Lawn Care Month

This month is National Lawn Care month and what better way to celebrate than to learn about lawn care? First, let’s discuss why we love our lawns. Many of you have children or dogs and enjoy playing with them in your backyard. Other may enjoy the cooling effect of their lawns during hot summer months. … Read more

Save Water with Your Irrigation System

Now is the time to start thinking about how you can save water with your irrigation system. Did you know 70 percent of residential water in the United States is used outdoors? If you want to lower your water bill, the biggest impact on your wallet is found in your irrigation system and landscaping. You … Read more

Ask Before Hiring a Landscaper

Selecting a landscape company or landscape contractor can be tough with dozens of companies in northern Nevada. No matter what company you choose for your landscaping services, these are the questions to ask before hiring a landscaper to design, install or maintain your landscape. 1. Does the landscaper have a business license and are they … Read more

Support Local Businesses in Reno-Sparks

As a local business in Reno, NV since 1975, Reno Green Landscaping believes in serving our local community, but what does it really mean to be a local business? For us, its means working with and for our friends, family and neighbors. We focus on forming long-lasting relationships with our clients through our dependable service … Read more