Reno Green Landscaping installs commercial grade irrigation systems using the latest in water conservation technologies. A properly designed and functional sprinkler system will help keep your landscaping healthy, even during the warmest of summer days and that is exactly what we strive to provide our clients.

irrigation system


Our sustainable sprinklers systems are designed to decrease the amount of water runoff by incorporating excellent drainage, high-quality, sustainable systems that maximize water retention. Using the latest in irrigation technology and years of system installation experience, we design water-efficient sprinkler systems that not only help you save water and money, but also keep your landscaping looking its best. A professionally designed and installed irrigation system includes beneficial traits such as:

  • The use and implementation of water efficient technologies (lower water bills, less water used)
  • Minimized water waste
  • Ability to customize and adjust watering schedules based on weather
  • The confidence that your landscaping is being properly and consistently watered according to specific shrub and lawn needs
  • Responsible and efficient water usage that is in accordance with the Truckee Meadows Water Authority conservation efforts
Residential Irrigation Services


Our residential irrigation services include:

  • Irrigation design and installation
    (sprinkler and drip systems)
  • Smart controller installation
  • Backflow installation
  • Sprinkler system retrofits
  • Sprinkler and drip system repairs and maintenance
  • Certified water audits
  • System winterization and activation
  • Water feature maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Water schedule management
  • Soil polymer application
Residential Irrigation Retrofits and Redesigns


Our Irrigation Specialists can upgrade and redesign older sprinkler systems with the latest in irrigation technologies. Our team will analyze your existing irrigation system for deficiencies and provide a design solution that will maximize your system.

If you are looking to remove lawn and install a xeriscape, our experts will retrofit your exiting lawn sprinkler system to drip irrigation. This will reduce water waste and ensure your plants get the water they need.

Residential Services


RGL also offers ET (Evapotranspiration) Clocks which use sensors and weather information to economically manage watering times and frequency. Weather-based irrigation clocks provide significant water savings of approximately 15-30%, deeper root systems and a healthier landscape.

Matched Precipitation Rate Sprinklers (MP Rotators) involve a multi-trajectory rotating stream delivery system that allows water to gently soak into the soil with an even distribution, reducing run-off. This increase results in a 30% reduction in water usage when compared to traditional sprays.

Residential Irrigation


When properly cared for by Reno Green's irrigation professionals, your irrigation system will last for many years. Our irrigation technicians ensure your system is working at its maximum efficiency to avoid over or under watering. Our technicians are knowledgeable in all aspects of residential irrigation and can perform the necessary repairs to keep your system working properly.

Residential Turf Conversions and Reductions


Xeriscaping involves incorporating landscaping and gardening principles that use drought-tolerant plants and efficient drip irrigation systems. An environmentally friendly Xeriscape will typically use 50-75% less water than an area of similar size. RGL Xeriscaping often features colorful plant palettes with combined varying textures and year-round visual appeal.

Artificial turf is also a great option for those interested in receiving the look of grass but that don’t necessarily want the continual maintenance (mowing, irrigation repairs, aerating, fertilizing) or water usage a natural turf usually requires. Keep in mind, today’s artificial turf products give the look and feel of real turf, including a realistic “fresh cut” appearance.

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