Weeds, Weeds and More Weeds!

This year’s climate has provided the perfect storm for pesky weeds.

1.  The pre-emergent failed.  Pre-emergent is used to prevent weed seeds from germinating.  It is applied during the winter and needs 1″ of moisture within 30 days of application to work.  Due to the lack of precipitation last winter, the pre-emergent did not take hold.  This gave the spring weeds a head start on their growing season.

2.  Spring rain.  After a dry winter, we have had precipitation this spring.   Noxious crack weeds can literally grow over night after a little rain!

3.  Round Up.  Round Up is a great tool in the war against weed, however, it must be applied under certain weather conditions.   Round Up use is not advised during cooler temperatures or breezy conditions.  Unfortunately, our spring has been both cool and breezy.  The optimal time to apply Round Up is when the temperature is consistently above 60 degrees F with no wind.

Our managers, office staff and crews are working very diligently to remedy this situation.  Your landscaping is a direct reflection of Reno Green and it’s our goal to provide excellent service.   We value you as our client and greatly appreciate your patience.