Trending in 2020: Backyard Office Sheds

Gone are the days of interrupted Zoom meetings by kids screaming in the background when you have a backyard office shed! With many of us working from home and unsure when we will go back to an office, if ever, we are seeking ways to make working from home more comfortable. In 2020, sales have spiked for pop-up backyard offices across America. Many companies are directly promoting furnished office sheds designed specifically for working from home. This new trend stems from the need to have a quiet place with a professional appearance that’s separate from the home for virtual work meetings. As some kids are still attending school virtually from home, parents need a place to work as well.

These backyard offices are far from traditional tool sheds, with luxurious interior design, insulation and electricity. Some companies sell buildings specifically for this use, with prefabricated designs that range from 80 to 120 square feet. Since they are under 200 square feet, these buildings don’t require permits to install.

Many shed designs can be customized with color schemes, siding, roofing, windows, skylights, French doors and porches. They also come in an array of styles from modern to traditional. You can match the style of your office shed to your home.

There are many things you can do with a backyard office shed. Home offices are just one of the uses for these small buildings. Some homeowners are using these charming buildings for home gyms, kid’s study areas, music studios, she sheds, or man caves. They are places to get away from the main home to focus, relax, or get fit.

backyard office sheds
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Any new backyard office also needs some landscaping to complete the look. You may want a walking path from your home to the shed or colorful plants to soften the entrance. Get some inspiration for your own backyard office shed by visiting our Pinterest board. We expect to see this trend continue to rise as people continue to work and attend school from home. If you are working for the 67 percent of companies that have already announced permanent work from home for their employees, you may want to get a more permanent work from home space by investing in a backyard office shed. If you need landscaping for your backyard office shed, contact us today for a complimentary estimate.