Reno Green Landscaping is committed to Going GREEN using sustainability in our everyday operations. Landscaping sustainability encompasses a variety of practices that have been developed in response to improving environmental issues. Examples of our sustainability services include:

  • Implementing the latest in water conservation techniques through thoughtful design and the latest in irrigation technology
  • Using soil amendments and organic material when planting
  • Maintaining plants according to ecological and horticultural principals
  • Recycling or reusing materials when appropriate
  • Appropriate plant selections: plants that are suitable for the climate and soil conditions require less maintenance, use less water and are more resistant to disease

Preserving our area’s natural resources is a priority at Reno Green Landscaping. We are continuously researching the latest in technology and eco-friendly practices to implement in our maintenance and installation processes.


We recycle all of our green waste, resulting in more than 10,000 cubic yards of material being repurposed on to our properties, rather than going to a local landfill.


The most important resource we have in our region is water! Through proper design, plant selection and the most recent technology, we are able to conserve water and maintain the beauty of your landscape. Reno Green was the first company in Northern Nevada to:

  • Bring ET (Evapotranspiration) Technology, or Smart Controllers, to commercial properties.
  • Install MP Rotators. Instead of spraying water onto turf, MPs deliver multiple streams of water at a slower rate. The result is a 30% reduction in water usage.
  • Offer soil polymers.