On behalf of everyone at Reno Green Landscaping, we would like to take this opportunity to welcome you not only as a client, but also as a partner. Below is some helpful information for you, a review of our services, our contact information, how to report irrigation and maintenance issues and billing policies for your reference.

Your account manager will work with you to make sure your property meets and exceeds your expectations. Please do not hesitate to reach out, if we can be of assistance. If your property manager is not available, our administrative assistants will be happy to address any questions or concerns. We look forward to working with you and forming a very successful and long-lasting relationship.

Give us a call, email or submit a work order online in our client portal.

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Our Account Managers

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Carrie Owen

Sales and Service Manager & Account Manager

Tara Carapia

Account Manager

Bernard Noriega

Account Manager

Specialized Crews

Our team is comprised of specialized crews so only the most qualified professionals are caring for your landscape. Each crew is trained in the specific skills needed to perform expert services to better serve our clients.

These crews operate on different schedules to perform the best quality service during each visit. If you have any questions or concerns about scheduling, please do not hesitate to contact us.


  • Regular site visits
  • Turf and planter bed care
  • Weed and leaf abatement
  • Light pruning
  • Trash removal


  • Perform pruning services on a seasonal basis
  • Prune shrubs and trees in accordance with what is appropriate for that particular season and species, unless otherwise specified

Irrigation Technicians

  • Turn on/off (winterize) irrigation systems
  • Make adjustments throughout the season
  • Perform regular system checks
  • Troubleshoot and repair, as needed

Spray Technicians

  • Perform weed abatement services
  • Perform pest and rodent control services

Leaf Trucks

  • Perform leaf abatement services

Construction & Enhancements

These crews are made of skilled craftsmen with the ability to install any scope of work:

  • New construction
  • Renovations
  • Enhancements
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Reno Green Landscaping Maintenance Calendar

Curious when we do a particular maintenance service? The maintenance calendar will give you general timelines for various landscape maintenance tasks. For easy reference, download this one-page PDF document for your files!

*Please note this is for reference only. We implement strategies and processes as needed to properly maintain the property.
**Annual color and snow removal are provided as a separate contract.

How do I report an irrigation leak or maintenance issue?

Please submit a work order with photos to the Client Portal or email [email protected]. You can also call our office at (775) 852-8952, option 2 to report irrigation breaks during normal business hours, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., M-F.

If an irrigation emergency occurs after business hours, please call (775) 852-8952, option 9. The on-call dispatcher will send an Irrigation Technician to assess the situation and turn off the water until a repair can be made. Please note that additional charges will apply. After hours charges are detailed in your maintenance contract.

When reporting an irrigation leak or maintenance issue, please provide:


  • Provide property name
  • Include nearest cross streets
  • Indicate the location of the irrigation break or maintenance issue


  • Provide a map and/or photo of location, if available


  • Provide a photo(s) of leak or maintenance issue, if available


  • Irrigation Leaks: Include as much pertinent information as possible to allow our technicians to locate the break quickly
  • Maintenance Issues: Include as much pertinent information as possible

How to determine the irrigation leak priority?

Highest Priority

irrigation leak

Second Priority

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Third Priority

missing emitter

Any non-stop, high pressurized flow that results in flooding of sidewalks and gutters.

An irrigation zone that is not firing and failing to water. You may see lawn starting to look tan or other plant material wilting.

Any broken irrigation head or drip line. This would look like “geysers” of water shooting high into the air while the irrigation system is on. This may look like a dramatic loss of water, but this leak is the least worrisome and results in the least amount of water waste.

Design and Construction Services

belgard paver installation backyard


Consultations and designs are provided to our clients at no charge.

Updating and enhancing your property’s landscape can instantly increase its curb appeal.

Whether it’s a turf conversion, new installation or a complete landscape renovation, our experienced, award-winning landscape designers will identify opportunities to optimize the value and perception of your property and implement those improvements.

Construction and Enhancements

Reno Green has the largest and most experienced construction departments in northern Nevada.

Our construction department is able to install anything from small planting projects to complete landscape renovations. Whether you want to add a new fire pit, outdoor kitchen or water feature to your landscape, we are ready to create the outdoor space you desire.

Please contact your account manager if you would like to discuss property enhancements.

hardscaping paver fire pit seating