Top 2017 Trends in Landscaping

What is your favorite trend?

There are an abundance of new landscaping trends that have caught our eye here at Reno Green! Purposefully pollinating with edible gardens, custom water features, creative hardscapes, planting more green, and sustainable landscapes, are just a few of the latest 2017 trends! If any of these trends have caught your eye, keep reading to see how you can incorporate these elements into your home or commercial property.

Residential Backyard Stone Path

Green on Green on Green

In a recent color study done by Psychologists at UC Berkeley, it was found that people are most attracted to the color green. The theory is that the color green represents life itself and the preference towards green could be a nod to plants. It was shown that when a person is in the presence of greenery their muscles relax, they are calmed, and feel invigorated all at the same time. Green is good for you and for your landscape.

Commercial Landscape Installation

The Hardscape Advantage

Summer means more backyard BBQs & time outdoors, which is why adding hardscape to your landscape can bring so many benefits! Hardscapes can:

-Direct traffic around your yard or property and help avoid excess walking on turf

-Reduce maintenance and add privacy to your landscape

-Extend the usability of your yard; fire pits, water features, outdoor kitchens and more!

Through incorporating hardscape materials, you can achieve many incredible and unique landscape designs.

Plant With A Purpose

Honey bee populations have significantly declined in numbers over the recent years. Vegetable gardens have proven to be a great way to encourage bees to come and pollinate. While encouraging honey bees are good for your plants, wasps may not be as welcomed. Knowing the difference between the two and their nests is crucial. A beehive is usually easy to spot due to the bees swarming around the hive, compared to a wasp’s nest that has a paper-like appearance. Wasp nests are typically high up in the trees or sometimes in the ground.

Apartment Complex Landscaping

Sustainable Landscapes Are In!

Sustainable landscaping is the practice of using strategic methods for business and residential landscapes with the purpose of offsetting negative environment impacts. Not only does making the transition to a sustainable landscape save you money on water bills by using drought tolerant plants and minimizing turf areas, but it will also reduce the amount of chemicals in the environment due to the reduced fertilizations. These landscapes are low maintenance and environmentally responsible! A sustainable landscape can take on many designs that will fit your needs and style preferences.